Self and Photography Promotion

Still diving head first into the world of getting photography out to more viewers. So far WordPress is better than any other blog site I’ve tried. The quality of the other readers is much higher and I have found myself in awe of some, valuing the input of others, and conversing with everyone. I had tried Tumblr, which is good for a self-eestem boost when someone re-blogs re-tumbles, whatever its called, your photo. Only problem is there seems to be a lot of 17-year-old girls who will re-blog anything with a word involved, a sunset in california, a puppy, or a picture of a hot guy. I’m not very inspirational, don’t own a puppy, and I don’t frequent the hot guy picture taking market.

With that in mind I wanted to see what your thoughts were on promoting work. I assume many of you have been doing this for a while and, from the looks of things, have been quite successful. Is it better to
a) publish all the pictures at once to not annoy the people who already do follow me? Or
b) do you space them out over time trying to build a bigger and better fan base? Maybe there is another option.

Please VOTE and SHARE. I have a feeling I’m not the only one with this question. Lets be honest – the mear fact that someone out there can find, follow, and like something you or I have done with the touch of a button is amazing.

Follow me here and view my website @

EDIT: please vote as well as like. Even share! It’s the voting that will do the most help. Thanks! 🙂

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