Give Me the Time of Day

Since being a contributing member of WordPress (which hasn’t been long at all) I have become very interested in what to tag my blogs/images with and what time of the day is best to post. Take the following examples in to account:

I had gotten some prints back of a wedding I took pictures of. I thought the quality was great but it had gotten me thinking about all the time we spend on taking them, how many people spend the same amount printing them. I laid them out on my pitching table and took a picture and posted it at 1:52 AM. I had likes, followers, and a comment 20 minutes later. Again… it was a picture of developed pictures just laying on my table. Granted the topic surrounding the image could have been very interesting to people in which I am flattered and excited.

Then at 2:10 PM (same day almost 12 hours later) I published some night photography images I had spent hours shooting and hours editing and selecting the best ones. I wrote a short description about light and colors and long exposures, etc. Maybe the photography and writing were sub-par, maybe not.

I could go back and forth looking at all the different times I post things, what I say, and how people respond to it. Without sounding coincided and selfish… in my mind the photography I spent time on should have gotten likes or at least some views. But unless it is taking longer to make its way around this complicated world we call the internet – it hasn’t been the case. I didn’t even get views in the USA for the first 6 hours. C’mon America! πŸ˜‰

So what is it. Is there a “golden hour” of blog posting or are people just not interested in galleries of images I took of my bike at night. Let me know. Maybe I’ll find out and it will be 9 PM on a Thursday night.

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8 thoughts on “Give Me the Time of Day

  1. Bill Chance says:

    I try to have my blog publish itself at the same time every day. I do it at six minutes after midnight, my time – so that folks near me can read it when they get up in the morning. Of course, blog readers come from all over the world – so who knows what time it is for each person.

    To me, regularity and predictability is important to build a consistant readership.

    • Great advice! Thank you. I have read that mornings were among one of the busiest times in the blog reading world. So far… people don’t seem to be in to the polls ha. Second one of done.

  2. Life & Sunshine says:

    we’ve wondered the same thing πŸ™‚ we too are pretty new to the blog world, its tricky figuring it all out!

    • Agreed. You guys seem to be off to a hell of a start though. I’ve learned a few things so far. A lot of it has to do with this right here… participating. How can I expect people to be involved in my blog if I can’t do the same in return.

      • Life & Sunshine says:

        totally πŸ™‚ we’ll figure it out together! good idea with the poll!

      • In other news: You were my 100th like! If you’re in the market for prints you can use the code WP100th for 20% off (honestly so can anyone else). If not hold on to it, maybe something will come along you like eventually.

  3. Thanks! The goal would be to get a bunch of people connected to as many blogs as possible to share and vote in the poll. Keep me updated on any tips.

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