Photography Tip #1


aperture: the hole that controls how much light enters the camera. The lower the number the more light is being let in.

depth of field: the amount of the photograph that is in focus (shallow depth of field mean very little in focus)

I often show friends and family my photography, as I’m sure everyone does. The question I always seem to get is “How can I take good pictures like that?”. Overtime I have come to realize that yes people do respond to framing and capturing the moment, but most amateurs looking at a somewhat normal photograph notice the depth of field first. That, to anyone who doesn’t take pictures all the time, seems to make the photograph good.

There are many things that affect depth of field:

  1. Subjects distance from the camera (closer = less depth of field)
  2. Aperture (2.8 = very little depth of field)
  3. Focal length (zoomed in more = less depth of field)

The best way to get this “look” is to buy a camera that allows you to set your camera to manual mode. Learn, understand, and master shutter, aperture, and ISO. Learn how all of these work together so that you can always get the look you want.

I am not trying to take anything away from a good photograph. I know that depth of field alone does not make a picture good – but it sure helps. The camera is your tool – use all of its functions to their full potential. Mastering the settings will allow you to be ready and to capture that moment right when it happens the way you want it to happen.

Here are a few links to some good articles:


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