The 50 Followers Update

50 Followers in 23 Days. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s about 2 new followers a day on average. Not sure if thats good, but at least it doesn’t sound like a failure. I thought I would talk about some things I’ve learned and some things I still don’t understand.


• There would be times I would be sitting on my couch and just stare at a draft I had written wondering if I should post it. Once I do end up posting them, after some internal debate, they actually tend to get the most responses from people. Maybe its the part of me that is being real in those posts that wonder if people actually care – surprisingly they do.

• You will get likes from people that actually like it and likes from people that like to like things. If you’re slightly confused as to what I’m talking about, you may be the person who just likes to like things.

• It takes A LOT to get comments out of people (except for spam). People are more than willing to give their time to a like button, but it seems more of a challenge to gain the interaction along with it.

• So far from the posts I respond to and the posts of mine people have responded to people like genuineness (that’s a crazy word).

• WordPress is a great community to learn whats going on and see different ways people document some of their journeys. Whether its a story with photos, just photos, unique ways of laying them out. It’s very interesting.

• Unlike Facebook I feel like I am allowed to look at your pictures and your stories because thats what you post it for. I feel slightly stalker-ish on Facebook and I even know those people.


• The best way to display my pictures. Do people want to scroll through large pictures or click and go through a gallery? How many is to many?

• The best times to post. This will always be a topic I think. It’s a huge world out there so maybe there isn’t one time better than another. So far I have gotten good luck with evening posts.

• The best ways to tag images and posts so people can find them. I have heard to had a lot of tags and then I’ve heard that adding a lot of tags can actually hurt you.

• Im still learning how to promote myself and to gain new interest from new people. Lets be honest, I’m doing this to sell photography.

Overall I started this to try to get more people to buy my photography. Maybe eventually that will come of it but it not it has gotten me looking at things differently, being more involved and open to new ways of talking about and presenting ideas and journeys to outside people. It has gotten be out taking pictures and going through old pictures. It’s forcing me to share my work with more people hoping they like it. But most importantly it has given me some sort of confidence to keep going and that some people, even if its only 50, care enough about a picture I took or something I said to click the FOLLOW button.

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12 thoughts on “The 50 Followers Update

  1. Nicole says:

    Nice post. I understand exactly what you mean.

    “Unlike Facebook I feel like I am allowed to look at your pictures and your stories because thats what you post it for. I feel slightly stalker-ish on Facebook and I even know those people.”

    Same thing with me. I wonder why that is.

    I get the most viewers from late afternoon until the evening.

    And the “likes.” I’ve check my stats after some posts I’ve had “likes” on, but there were no visitors according to my stats. Just people “liking” without reading, just trying to get a viewer onto their blog. I wish it wasn’t that way. A real comment is always appreciated and works out better for both people.

    • Regarding the facebook thing it’s weird because both places you put stuff out to be read by other people. I think the main difference is most posts on facebook are so personal and invasive it feels wrong sometimes haha. Here I think you follow people who post interesting things, facebook you follow your friends. Not always interesting unfortunately.

      Yeah the like things is strange. I like it but it’s hard to know if people are actually engaging or trying to get their blog up. I guess it will be a mix of both.

      Thanks for the comment and being able to relate. At least I’m not the only one!

  2. chris9911 says:

    Gratz man, hope it leads to some sale of your photos! you are definitely going in the right direction, I wouldn’t change a thing.

  3. I have found that because of the amount of articles and blogs recently that talk about “likes” as bad thing, I don’t get that many likes any more. However, more encouragingly I do get a lot of comments and even have some people who now regularly stop by. So I guess I am building a little community. That is why I continue to Blog. P.S I’m two and half months in and I still get a thrill every-time someone follows.

    • Thanks for the comment. It is interesting the whole idea of the likes. I like them and in someway it’s always gratifying but there’s always the wonder of they actually likes it or if they would rather you just go to their blog because of it.

      I don’t see getting a new follower getting old anytime soon.

      Thanks again.

      • When I LIKE something it is usually because I thought the post was great but perhaps I don’t have a comment to make, especially if I can see that someone else has already made the same comment. So I try and ensure that I only like appropriately. It can be slightly irritating when you get likes and they haven’t even read it. Your views don’t go up! Engage, involve and share. I’ve met some great people virtually. Stick with it, you will love it.

      • I’m sold already. I’ve already gotten so much inspiration from so many people. It’s amazing how it feels like a small neighborhood when in reality it’s a huge world.

        Keep in touch.

  4. Make that 51 followers…..

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