Downtown LA. Mirrored.

I have been playing a lot with the technique of mirroring. It’s not just for cheesy music videos you know. It turns out – it can be one amazing form of art. Try it on some of your photos.

Here is my latest. It is one of my favorites.


Below is the original (although edited) image before the mirroring.

IMG_0076 (2)

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5 thoughts on “Downtown LA. Mirrored.

  1. marktoner says:

    love this its beautiful just want to paint it

  2. Nice effect. I really like the purple tones in the image. A couple of questions. What was below the city skyline in the original image and why did you choose not to mirror the clouds?

    • Thanks! Have really been playing with a few key styles when editing photographs. Adding blues (or in this case on a night photo it becomes purple) into the shadows really helps to make it unique but still realistic.

      I posted the pre-mirror image for you on this post.

      Choosing not to mirror the clouds was done because I felt when I did it took some of the artistic quality away and made it appear to be just a mirror. When I gave my mind something to think about, thats when it became a little more about the art for me.

      Thanks for your interest!

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