Blue Giraffe Images was created as a way for me to share my work and thoughts but also for a way for me to connect with other people around the world to expand, confirm, and inspire my interests and hopefully others.

The main goal of Blue Giraffe Images is to create and sell prints from my photography while at the same time building a base of people I can connect with artistically and educationally.  The motivation behind this, to be honest, is student loans as many things are for many of us much more often lately. As they become more and more harder to handle, even with a full-time job, I needed something else to help. People can make fundraisers for businesses they want to start or products they want to make but there is nothing for something you create to go towards student loans, which are one of the biggest burdens to people of our generation.

I have been taking pictures for what seems like my whole life. I love being able to look through a lens and see something and feel something. Even better is showing that picture to somebody, and have them feel the same way or sometimes create their own ideas and emotions that I never thought of.

Thanks for checking out my blog. For more information or to further follow my every move connect here:


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“A lot of people doing something small can help someone reach a bigger goal”

2 thoughts on “About

  1. awkwarddev007 says:

    Hey, just wanted u to know that ur blog is amazing and Hope u dont mind me including ur blog’s name in my top 10 list.. U can check my latest post for more info.
    – Ashish

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