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Blue Giraffe Images has a store!

Hey all! Its been a very busy and hectic past couple of months but I’ve been taking a lot of pictures. Getting back into the habit of posting them online again. Here are just a few but more to come later. Also I know have an official store online so check it out!

previous file is er9/00#6_•å1.4F01/01 - reproofed to "I" inks/SRWV previous file is er9/00#6_•å1.4F01/01 - reproofed to "I" inks/SRWV previous file is er9/00#6_•å1.4F01/01 - reproofed to "I" inks/SRWV previous file is er9/00#6_•å1.4F01/01 - reproofed to "I" inks/SRWV previous file is er9/00#6_•å1.4F01/01 - reproofed to "I" inks/SRWV

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Digital Art. Bird Reflection.

Here is a digital “painting” I have been working on. Let me know what you think!

Mirrored Bird Landscape


This is the final version. I liked the color effects of the first one but it felt just a little too photoshop’d for me. Below is a more natural version, which I really love. You have to look closely to even realize it is two photos put together and that both of them are mirrored.



Mirrored Bird Landscape WM

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Macro. Installment 003.

So we have all made it through the new year. Hopefully capturing some amazing moments with family and friends. Which brings me to my last Macro Installment post. 003. I have been having a lot of fun shooting macro objects, or if you prefer shooting objects macro. Here is the latest.

IMG_2727 IMG_2767 IMG_2763 IMG_2758 IMG_2750 IMG_2749 IMG_2747 IMG_2740 IMG_2739 IMG_2731

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Macro. Installment 002.

The second installment of the macro photography is a little bit on the shorter side. Strawberry and a Kiwi. Enjoy.

IMG_2638 (3) IMG_2638 (1) IMG_2655 IMG_2676 IMG_2693

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Macro. Installment 001.

I constantly walk around and look for things to take macro photography of. Sometimes things work and other times they don’t. At all. I am going to upload a few installments of my latest experiments over the next few days.

Installment 001: Coffee Beans.

Most of us have some sort of contact with coffee beans every day. Whether its the actual bean, already ground, or already made coffee. What does it look like under the eye of a macro lens? Sometimes, it turns out, a baked potato. I think these prints are really great. I can picture them in a nice gallery frame in someones kitchen.

Prints are available to order here:


Coffee Beans 009e Coffee Beans 008 Coffee Beans 007 Coffee Beans 006 Coffee Beans 005 Coffee Beans 004 IMG_2611 IMG_2631 IMG_2633

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First Sale

I made a sale. Finally. The best part is… it is the picture that got me into wanting to sell my photography in the first place. Here is the image below:

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Los Angeles County Fair

After literally years of convincing my girlfriend and I ventured to the Los Angeles County Fair. Taking my camera offers a few things for me. A way to express my eye and my art with photography… and an escape from reality. This, to be honest, started as being an escape from reality but as we walked around and I got in to it I started to realize just how beautiful the fair can be. The lights, the atmosphere, the night sky, etc.

(I am also trying a new method of posting my photos so let me know what you think)

This welcomed us. As if a gate way into the unknown… or maybe to the mountains.

LA Fair Chairlift

Arial View… of some of it. I think it’s great to see all of the lights, the night surrounding it, and all of the trailers stored showing just how mobile all of this fun is.

Los Angles County Fair - Arial View

LA Fair Rides

The Rides. The rides of the fair offer a beauty all in their own I have discovered. Some moving. Some still. In some the ride is the art. In others the people on the ride is the art. Spinning, emotion, and lights…

LA Fair Electric Cars

LA Fair Arial Spins

LA Fair Bungee Jump

LA Fair Holding On

LA Fair Ferris Wheel

LA Fair Silhouette Ferris Wheel

Prizes. What’s a fair without the prizes!? It seems like everyone either had the little ones or the large oversized prizes. For the most part I found them the most beautiful, and the cheapest, when hanging inside of the games.

LA Fair Minion Rules

LA Fair Minion Prizes

LA Fair Oversizes Prize

The Fair Food. This one was captured the least. For two important reasons. 1) it was WAY overpriced and 2) when we did get it the hotdog fell apart and the funnel cake was a powdered sugar delicious mess. Here’s a couple though.

LA Fair Funnel Cakes

LA Fair Pig Spit

This next picture has quite the story. We pony’d up the $20 bucks to ride a ferris wheel that Bubba set up that morning. My girlfriend wanted a romantic ride, I wanted to take pictures, and… well.. this girl wanted to ride with us. I looked over and noticed we had a follower. After explaining she was not with us and we preferred to ride alone she tried to get out but the ferris wheel started moving. For the next few turns around the wheel – she was ours. Turns out no one else wanted to ride with her and we looked fun and inviting. Guess thats not a horrible quality. She loved heights (thankfully) and just looked out with wide eyes the whole time making me feel bad that I was so eager to get rid of her in the beginning.

LA Fair Ferris Wheel Guest

And… my girlfriend on the ferris wheel – a welcomed guest. Notice the graffiti on the windows… classy.

LA Fair Girlfriend Peace


I will be adding pictures up [here] as they go up for sale.

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Behind the Sign

Not to long ago I hiked up behind the hollywood sing and took a panoramic photo. It was a little difficult because you have to hold the camera up above the fence – and yes, thats what I really did. Luckily it all lined up. This is a 3 part print available [here].

If you live or are ever in the Hollywood area I recommend the hike. It’s great and the payoff is worth it.


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Hollywood Sign Print

New print available. 10×20. Is perfect for above a table or on the wall in a set with other pictures.  Don’t worry – there are many 10×20 frames out there to choose from.

This photo was taken from Griffith Park Observatory with a long shutter speed. Available for purchase on my website [] or on Etsy by [clicking here].

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New Los Angeles Prints

I have seen the Hollywood many times. I have seen downtown Los Angeles many times. The goal for these photos was to try and capture both in a way that is a little more artistic and different that normal.

What I learned while taking these photos is that every day we pass things that we take for granted. Maybe it’s downtown Los Angeles for me but maybe is the old coffee shop on the corner for you, or a tree in a park you always run by, or even the neighbors dog. These, by no means, are the most amazing pictures ever taken of Los Angeles but what they did for me was help me open my eyes again and see whats around me when most days I just let it fly by.

Here are some more photos. They have been listed for sale on [etsy] and on [].



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