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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


This week the weekly photo challenge is “Free Spirit”. My first thought was something or someone flying… but that is probably about 85% of you. So as I went through my photos and searched for what popped out at me as free spirit I came across this one. With everything going on with the elections I found it especially fitting. I don’t get all political on things but this is more about the spirit and less about a specific point of view (Obama).

“USA.” Don’t forget that we live in a country that allows us to have a free spirit… and there are reminders of that almost everywhere we look.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Well I missed the deadline… but here it was.

Lunch Juxtaposition

This is… WAS… my submission to the weekly photo contest.

Walking down the Santa Monica Pier when I see the perfect juxtaposition. Beach attire, surfboards, ocean all around her yet you could pick her up and place her down in any asian community and she would fit perfect. She was sitting and looking at the ocean just enjoying her lunch. Good for her.

If you are not familiar with the weekly photo contest and would like to find out more or enter [click here]. Apparently I should have done that and not missed the date.

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