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Macro Photography | The Final Result

The Macro Experiment. Could a Lens Reversal Ring that cost less than $10 provide quality macro images.

Equipment: Canon 5D, Tamron Zoom Lens, and a Lens Reversal Ring.

Prologue: A few posts back I talked about a method that would convert any zoom lens into a legitimate macro lens. No filters, no magnifiers… all done through the lens. The method… turn it around and shoot through it backwards. It didn’t seem possible. The first tests I did were before the reversal ring so I had to hold it in front of the camera. It worked enough to convince me to spend $10.

Commence the experiment. I gathered random household objects (including my girlfriends eye – still very much attached to her) and a small light I had lying around. As I photographed and got the hang of it I became more and more excited. The lens created such a stylized look, not to mention got in very close just like any good macro lens should.

Conclusion: Worth it? Hell, it would be worth it if the ring cost $50. It’s an amazing style and gives you the ability to shoot with a macro lens. In some ways it might be better than a macro lens because you can just keep the ring in your back pocket while shooting and if you need to grab a quick macro shot just screw it on and flip it over.

Here are some images. These prints are slowly becoming available on my website [www.bluegiraffeimages.com] and on [etsy]. 50% OFF still going on for about another week. If you don’t see it – let me know and I’ll create a listing right away.

Was the experiment a success? Let me know what you think. Go and experiment yourself and let me know how it goes. Here is a link to the reversal ring I purchased but you will want to check the size of your filter thread for your specific lens.

I tweet @bluegiraffeimgs. Follow for special discounts and codes.

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Macro Teaser

Macro Experiment Update coming tomorrow. Going through pictures as we speak. Here is one that really stands out to me so far. If you missed the first post you can catch it [here].



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Bicycle Pillows Coming SOON

Pillow Teaser. More colors/sizes/options to come soon.

(if you just can’t wait – feel free to contact early)

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Bicycle Graphic Prints

I’ve been on a bicycle kick lately. Here are some graphic prints I made from one of my photos.

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Bicycle Night Photography

I took my bike up to the top floor of a parking garage at night. It gave me the ability to use all the different lights the garage, city, and night provide. Long exposure’s really help to amplify the use of color. All the colors, lighting, and lens flares are all natural. Saturation and levels were the only adjustments.

What I learned from this is that when doing a long exposure you never know what colors will pop. In this case it was some blue from an emergency call box and some yellow from the floor beneath. Both of which I saw when walking around but neither of which I knew would have such a drastic impact. It’s a great learning experience to play with some long exposures.


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Riding + Photography.

My white bicycle. I love this thing. Its great to ride and its great to lean against the wall of my apartment. The best thing about it is that it allows me to carry out two of my passions at the same time. Riding + Photography. I explored new places, met some new people and got some great images to go with it. This has also provided inspiration for a graphics prints set I will put out in a few. All of these are available for prints but whether you enjoy them here or on your wall I hope that it can motivate you to grab and go. It’s amazing what confidence a camera in your hand can give you to go new places and do new things. Go find your parking garage.

Prints: http://bluegiraffeimages.photomerchant.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Giraffe-Images/136196003187802?ref=hl

With that in mind. Im taking my camera out for a little night shooting! Long exposure time.

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Red Bicycle

Red Bicycle

Graphic Print from a photo.

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