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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


This week the weekly photo challenge is “Free Spirit”. My first thought was something or someone flying… but that is probably about 85% of you. So as I went through my photos and searched for what popped out at me as free spirit I came across this one. With everything going on with the elections I found it especially fitting. I don’t get all political on things but this is more about the spirit and less about a specific point of view (Obama).

“USA.” Don’t forget that we live in a country that allows us to have a free spirit… and there are reminders of that almost everywhere we look.

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Selling Photography Update – 50% OFF Offer Included

I’m starting to get the hang of this whole entering the online world thing. I thought real life was confusing! It has been fun, I have lost sleep, I check my iPhone for emails every 30 seconds, and I constantly check my stats. With that said, it’s been great. Just the few people I have been able to connect with so far has been amazing. I love seeing other people’s work and being able to share mine as well. It’s almost like having a street you can walk down and just see what everyone else around you is doing. If you don’t use WordPress for that, I encourage you to. Even if you’re not a seller, or a creative, or making anything you opinion almost matters the most!

If there is one thing I have a love/hate relationship with its “likes”. LOVE: the fact that I can put something up and someone likes it enough to say so, even if it is just the click of a simple button. HATE: I have no idea how much you read, what you looked at, or what you thought. It is like going into a store and giving the owner a thumbs up and then walking out. They know you liked it, but WHAT did you like. Facebook has put us in to the mind-set that we just click “like” on everything we see. Now, I don’t comment on everything I see but I try to be interactive a few times a week with people. Every experience thus far has been great and I really think I have made some of them very happy.

So now to the online store. The thing that started this all. You can read more about this in my about page but basically I graduated college a few years ago. Since then I have been making minimum payments on my loans and its going so slow that my grandchildren (I don’t even have kids yet) will be paying for it on their wedding day. I thought if I could sell photography online, even if its only some extra money a month, that could speed up the process that much faster. So, I did just that. All profits will go towards my loans. Directly to Miss Sallie Mae.

Here’s where you guys come in. We, all of us, have this wonderful amazing world at every single one of our fingertips. With the click of a button things go viral, with the donation of a few dollars on kickstarter people’s dreams come true. I need sort of a kick-start myself. I opened an ETSY store and I am slowly adding my prints up there to be available for order. If you guys are in the market for some wall art or know someone else who is I am offering 50% off my prints to start showing some sales and hopefully eventually leading to a few good reviews. This will really help when non-pressers look at my page. I don’t have all of my prints up there yet so if you have seen something here on my blog, let me know and I can upload it for you or hang in there and I will be uploading more over the next few days (it’s better to space out postings). If you would rather the same code works on my website listed below.



Please tweet, like, share, comment, press, blog, print out and snail mail, whatever it takes. Thank you all so much for so far keeping me encouraged on this new journey.



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Blue Giraffe Images is on Etsy

You may now purchase prints through my shop on Etsy. [click here]

More prints will be added over the coming days. Please check out the store and share. Free magnet of a print of your choice if you purchase a print through etsy and mention this post.



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Blue Giraffe Images Store

Hey guys. The store is officially up and running. I will of course be taking pictures and updating all the time but check it out and let me know what you think. Maybe something is missing that you really want – feel free to help me out.

This store was created to help me with the burden of student loans (a few years after graduation and it only gets worse) so know that your money is going to a fundraiser of sorts. Maybe you can even make it tax deductable 😉 The goal is that I hopefully help you out with some nice wall art/photography and you help me out my making some small steps towards a big goal. Please read my about me for more information.


SAVE 15% w/ CODE: SAVE15%

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Chronicles of a Damsel

Great stories. Great black and white photography.

Chronicles of a Damsel.

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Photo Developing

I recently opened an online store to begin selling photography prints online. It’s an amazing site called photomerchant.net. It lets you customize pretty much anything and the site looks clean and professional. But this post is not about that. It’s about the prints. I was blown away. The paper quality is very high, they are clean and crisp, and the colors looked just like I though they would and edited them to be. 

If you’re in the market to sell photos online or even if your just wanting some prints developed… take your time and do some research. The nice thing about photomerchant.net is that I can order prints for myself at wholesale.

A picture of pictures will never do it justice but just so there is some sort of visual reference:


So, next time you are walking into Walgreens with a USB drive full of your hard work, or your memories, or a gift think for a second if maybe its better to put just as much time into the end result as you put into it and what to get out of it.

For more reference you can visit my store Blue Giraffe Images here.

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Photographing Family Weddings


Family weddings can be a stressful time. For the bride, the mother of the bride, the groom, friends and family, etc. They seem to be a little extra stressful if you are a member of the family and have a gift or talent. Baking, decorating, DJ, and you guessed it… photography. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE taking pictures. And I’m not even necessarily complaining about THIS wedding at all. It just makes me think that so often if you take not even good pictures but just BETTER pictures than your family… well… you’re the family photographer. Luckily for most of us, we genuinely enjoy every second of it.

This was my cousin’s wedding down in San Diego. Inclusive resort on the water called Paradise Point. Small simple and perfectly planned. No stress to take pictures which allowed me to just be. To be with my family and capture amazing and beautiful candid moments. So use family weddings to your advantage. (disclaimer: there was a professional photographer there)

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