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New Listing: Seal Nap Time

NEW PRINT AVAILABLE! 11×14 and 8×10 listed – custom sizes available.

50% OFF w/ CODE: “BLUEGIRAFFEHALFOFF”  [click here] – AVAILABLE ON ALL PRINTS  (to qualify reblog this or any post with code on it here or facebook or twitter (or all of the above)). 

Seal Nap Time, Newport Beach

available for purchase and 50% off at www.bluegiraffeimages.com as well.

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Selling Photography Update – 50% OFF Offer Included

I’m starting to get the hang of this whole entering the online world thing. I thought real life was confusing! It has been fun, I have lost sleep, I check my iPhone for emails every 30 seconds, and I constantly check my stats. With that said, it’s been great. Just the few people I have been able to connect with so far has been amazing. I love seeing other people’s work and being able to share mine as well. It’s almost like having a street you can walk down and just see what everyone else around you is doing. If you don’t use WordPress for that, I encourage you to. Even if you’re not a seller, or a creative, or making anything you opinion almost matters the most!

If there is one thing I have a love/hate relationship with its “likes”. LOVE: the fact that I can put something up and someone likes it enough to say so, even if it is just the click of a simple button. HATE: I have no idea how much you read, what you looked at, or what you thought. It is like going into a store and giving the owner a thumbs up and then walking out. They know you liked it, but WHAT did you like. Facebook has put us in to the mind-set that we just click “like” on everything we see. Now, I don’t comment on everything I see but I try to be interactive a few times a week with people. Every experience thus far has been great and I really think I have made some of them very happy.

So now to the online store. The thing that started this all. You can read more about this in my about page but basically I graduated college a few years ago. Since then I have been making minimum payments on my loans and its going so slow that my grandchildren (I don’t even have kids yet) will be paying for it on their wedding day. I thought if I could sell photography online, even if its only some extra money a month, that could speed up the process that much faster. So, I did just that. All profits will go towards my loans. Directly to Miss Sallie Mae.

Here’s where you guys come in. We, all of us, have this wonderful amazing world at every single one of our fingertips. With the click of a button things go viral, with the donation of a few dollars on kickstarter people’s dreams come true. I need sort of a kick-start myself. I opened an ETSY store and I am slowly adding my prints up there to be available for order. If you guys are in the market for some wall art or know someone else who is I am offering 50% off my prints to start showing some sales and hopefully eventually leading to a few good reviews. This will really help when non-pressers look at my page. I don’t have all of my prints up there yet so if you have seen something here on my blog, let me know and I can upload it for you or hang in there and I will be uploading more over the next few days (it’s better to space out postings). If you would rather the same code works on my website listed below.



Please tweet, like, share, comment, press, blog, print out and snail mail, whatever it takes. Thank you all so much for so far keeping me encouraged on this new journey.



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In the continuing effort to sell my images online, my latest resource has become ETSY and twitter (@bluegiraffeimgs). My girlfriend has sold her clothing (she’s a clothing designer http://www.lilianlinares) on there for some time now and has had success with branching out and selling to people all over the world. Her main advice was to stay patient and keep on keepin’ on.

What advice do you guys have? Is anyone on etsy? Comment with a link to your store. We’re all in this together. Of course, if you have tips/tricks let me know.


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Pro photographer uses iPhone 4S to cover Olympics

Here is an article I found today. Kind of goes along with my lens review post I just made. I guess if you’re going to take good pictures nothing should be able to stop you. Makes sense, have you as a photographer ever compared your iPhone photos with someone who is not? Composition, framing, knowing what moment to capture.. they are all done by the person holding the camera. 5D or iPhone.



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Canon L-Series 24 – 70 vs Tamron Zoom 28-75

(one of my first test images. only light used was a small cheap home depot work light. shows sharpness and depth of field.)

Most DSLR Cameras do not come with a lens. my mom is still blown away by this and does not understand it, but most of us do – and if not – hopefully this will help. The lens is basically the tunnel your image travels down. Once reaching the end, your camera takes that information in and processes it into the image you see. Basically. This doesn’t mean if you have a “bad” lens you will take bad pictures, it just means you may have to work a little harder to get some of the quality. Just like if you have a “bad” camera it doesn’t mean you will take bad pictures.

When I got my Canon 5D I took some time reading every article I could on lenses and what people use. I knew I was in the market for a nice middle range zoom lens so that helped me narrow my search down. I found this helpful as all the options can get overwhelming. Think about what you will be using the lens for and what you need it to do.  I knew it couldn’t be possible for everyone who got a 5D to run out and got a $1,100 Canon L-Series lens with it. More than that, I was really hoping that to be true because I could not run out and spend $1,100 on a lens (refer back to the “got my 5D” sentence). Turns out I was right. A lot of people bought this Tamron zoom lens and so did I. So far I love it. This should help you understand why and see if its right for you.

For me it came down to 3 main points.

  1. It’s a 2.8 all the way through which is amazing for low light and getting depth of field.
  2. In every side by side comparison I saw the Tamron was just as sharp as the Canon.
  3. Anytime people listed a con it was that it auto-focused slow. By slow, they mean if you’re not shooting action sports 4 feet away from you… you’re more than fine.

The ONLY downside, and most of the time I don’t even think of this as a downside, is that it vignettes on the edges. Most of the time I end up adding a little more in anyways. If not, a program like Aperture is great at reversing the vignette.

Something to think about when buying a lens. Every lens manufacturer makes good lenses and bad lenses so just because its Canon doesn’t mean it’s a good one . I was told that the order of lenses went Canon L-Series, this Tamron Zoom, then the Canon 7D kit lens after that. Many people told me and wrote “for the money, you won’t get anymore bang for your buck”. More bang is always a good thing.

For everyone out there screaming “PRIME!” or “MACRO!” I hear ya. Trust me, those are amazing lenses. But for an everyday kit lens that will be versatile and provide the most coverage and uses for you – a nice zoom is KEY for anyones camera bag. And having a full frame sensor makes a huge difference so pay attention because some lenses are now saying made for crop sensors.

Final thoughts: Just like people find if they like Canon or Nikon [or something else] better, find your lens that you like working with and takes the pictures you like. Once I got over not having “CANON” on the end of my lens – it was very easy spending half the price.

Please comment and let me and others know what lenses you’re using and why. If you’re in the market to buy, ask questions and hopefully myself or someone else will be able to help you out.

For those of you interested here is a link for the lens: click here

Hope everyone is shooting this week! Challenge: Shoot something you haven’t shot before. 

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