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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


This week the weekly photo challenge is “Free Spirit”. My first thought was something or someone flying… but that is probably about 85% of you. So as I went through my photos and searched for what popped out at me as free spirit I came across this one. With everything going on with the elections I found it especially fitting. I don’t get all political on things but this is more about the spirit and less about a specific point of view (Obama).

“USA.” Don’t forget that we live in a country that allows us to have a free spirit… and there are reminders of that almost everywhere we look.

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Pro photographer uses iPhone 4S to cover Olympics

Here is an article I found today. Kind of goes along with my lens review post I just made. I guess if you’re going to take good pictures nothing should be able to stop you. Makes sense, have you as a photographer ever compared your iPhone photos with someone who is not? Composition, framing, knowing what moment to capture.. they are all done by the person holding the camera. 5D or iPhone.



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